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Welcome to Anna Embroidery Store! We have digital embroidery designs available for instant download.  Whether you are looking for individual cusstom embroidery  designs &  design collections here you can find products you need at affordable prices.  I have always loved to quilt & crochet items for gifts, but Embroidery is my favorite hobby! Anna Embroidery Shop gives machine embroidery enthusiasts of every age and skill level inspiration and techniques to further their craft and passion. We offer many sizes with most of our designs, giving you the ability to stitch combination items on a variety of sizes.  In this way  one of the great things about Anna Embroidery is the wide range of machine embroidery patterns that we support. With the majority of  my designs available in at least four different formats,  it is possible for you to download almost any pattern in the format designed specifically for your machine. As well, with support for at least 12 of the most popular design formats, we strive to make sure that all the machine embroidery patterns that you see will work for you and whatever machine you use. In this shop you can find digitized embroidery patterns, professionaly made with love. I love creating designs. I look forward to sharing my designs with you all, and hope you continue to visit my shop and watch it grow! I constantly add designs to my collection, which covers many themes and has a diversity in available designs. I want to bring fun and creativity back to home embroidery!

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